eHost was established in 1999 and today hosts over a million websites worldwide. It is an all-in-one solution that offers users excellent web hosting, their custom domain name, cPanel, and a drag and drop website builder. They offer everything one needs to start their own personal or professional website.

First ImpressionseHost Review 2017 - An Affordable Website Builder?

eHost is truly an all-in-one solution that provides thousands of customizable templates, eCommerce functionality, SEO tips, marketing tools, a free email address, unlimited domains and bandwidth, and much more. Their fully responsive templates are high quality and designed beautifully. They offer thousands of them and all are easily customizable. All are divided into groups based on design and other categories.

Their website is simple to use and offers all the basic information you need to know upfront. If you want to know more specific information before purchasing a subscription, do not hesitate to contact their incredibly helpful support.


One of the most impressive services offered by eHost is its website making and editing tools. You can use these handy resources at an affordable price. The provider partners with other popular services in the market such as WordPress and b2evolution in order to gather all the best content creation and editing tools. Whether you are new to website building or not, these options make the whole process much easier.

In order to build and edit your website, the easiest tool is the drag and drop feature. Especially, inexperienced users will benefit greatly from a feature that helps them make their website from start to finish. Many beautiful and professional-looking websites have been built with the help of this feature, even though one is required to simply drag and drop content in their editor. There is no need to know code using that tool, but more advanced users can have full control over their site’s look and functions thanks to cPanel. This tool allows them to include custom scripts and completely design their site.

eHost Features

The website builder platform comes with a free email address for the user. This email service has additional options such as auto-response features, virus scanning software, email forwarding, and spam filters. There are no vast differences to be found between this service and other email services.

If the website is supposed to be for a business endeavor, will provide a free web store that integrates smoothly with the website. This online store will be fully responsive, meaning totally optimized for all mobile devices that your viewers use to visit your site. Any online retailer can choose their style of shopping cart, add PayPal to processes transactions quickly, and connect with customers by integrating social media to their site.

The most modern and up-to-date web technology is available for users of eHost’s services. High-performance servers support their domains, which guarantees a consistent and strong connection. The user can use interfaces that frequently monitor their website’s traffic and statistics. And, every account comes with a free cloud storage that can store a maximum of 1GB of data.

Issues with eHostIssues with eHost

Overall eHost offers a great service to its customers, except that they do not provide a free trial, that the design cannot be changed once the user has chosen, there is no community support available for inexperienced users, and that eCommerce is quite limited on a standard subscription.


A subscription of 12 months totals $4.99/month, one of 24 months totals $3.99/month, and one of 36 months totals $2.75/month. For an eCommerce subscription with additional eCommerce tools you will have to pay $10.49/month.

As you can tell, eHost requires a payment from the get-go. Their hosting plan, which includes many features and tools, is quite affordable compared to its competition. The service provides a large amount of value for the money spent by its user.


If you are a brick-and mortar business or simply want to create an online presence through owning a website, eHost can help you achieve that quickly with the help of a wide array of tools. eHost offer many professionally designed templates, up-to-date technology, and allow you to create a site using a cPanel or the easy drag and drop feature, all at a low cost.