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How WordPress Revolutionized the Internet

December 20, 2014

Since it first came out, WordPress has been one of the most popular platforms for the creation of personal blogs, websites, and online stores. It’s a simple to use platform, which can be used to create complex websites. Generally speaking, WordPress takes out the need of writing the same code,…

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Five WordPress Plugins For Easy Social Media Sharing

October 25, 2014

People just love using social media to connect with friends and watch videos. The fact that people spend so much time on websites like Facebook and YouTube leads to the conclusion that they are less likely to ‘discover’ your WordPress site or blog. So what can you do to fight…

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The Best CMS Platforms for Your Website

May 7, 2014

If you are ready to start working on your website, no matter what niche you are planning to tackle, you will need to think about what CMS you are going to use. If you don’t know what a CMS is, here is a short explanation. CMS stands for Content Management System…

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How to Decide on the Format of Your WordPress Website

May 6, 2014

Having an online presence can be a good thing. Although social media is where most of the action is taking place these days, owning your website is vital and can only increase your authority. Before rushing to create a website, it is sensible to give things some thought. Backtracking, changes…

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