Since it first came out, WordPress has been one of the most popular platforms for the creation of personal blogs, websites, and online stores. It’s a simple to use platform, which can be used to create complex websites. Generally speaking, WordPress takes out the need of writing the same code, that makes your website function, over and over again, and instead allows you to easily change your design without having to worry if you’ve made a mistake in your code that can lead to bad consequences.

It’s heaven for people who don’t understand programming

In the past you had to pay hundreds upon thousands of dollars to a web design team so that they can create your own unique website. They had to start from scratch and build every element manually. And when the project was ready, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether the site has any bugs or not, because you know nothing about web programming.

In the past, those who knew nothing about web design and in need of a website had to take a gamble. And they could never be certain that what they had as an idea would be translated into reality by the programmers.

Thanks to the newbie-friendly interface of WordPress, you can easily create your own website, and customize it even when it has been launched, without having to worry about crashes or fatal errors. You need a specific type of function for your website? Not a problem, the platform offers a wide variety of plugins which you can use to add different features to your website.

If you want to change the font or background colors, you can do so by easily using drop down menus. If you don’t like the new colors, then you can revert it back to the old colors (as long as you remember them exactly) only with two or three clicks. What WordPress brought to the table was an easy to use platform that encouraged people who know nothing about creating websites to create their own website. There’s a large community and many forums with newbies which exchange experience and offer help.

Even if you’re struggling in the start, there are tons of useful and comprehensive guides and tutorials (including video) that can get you started. WordPress is hands-down the easiest way to create a website entirely customized by you!

WordPress is a simple platform with lots of potential

At any time you can change the code of the platform itself. Since WordPress is open-source, this is completely legal and is used by many large website owners to enhance security and add a custom touch to the website.

WordPress is notorious for not having great security. And the vast majority of people who’ve created their websites with WordPress haven’t changed the /wp-admin/ URL. This means that almost anyone can try and hack your website. However, if you’re an experienced programmer, or if you plan on hiring one, then those security issues can easily be solved.

The code of the platform is very easy to read and pretty much self-explanatory. This makes it easy for programmers to make any changes. However, if you change the code of the platform, you might get unexpected results and your website might crash. This is why you should only change things if you’re sure in the changes.

WordPress closed many job positions, but it opened twice as much

A very large number of the websites you see today are based on WordPress. This means that the web developers that used to create websites from scratch now don’t have a job. That is, unless they chose to design themes. Because WordPress only includes the very basics of a website, designers and programmers are required to create themes, widgets, and plugins.

There are many online stores where you can buy premium themes and plugins. All of those are created by skilled and experienced designers and programmers. So even if they used to create websites from scratch which they sold to one individual or organization, they now create themes and plugins which are sold to thousands of people or organizations.

This means that if they create a plugin or theme which is in demand, they could pretty much take off a month or two from programming, because the product is going to sell to different people who find use of it. This wasn’t quite the case when they were required to create custom websites from scratch. It wouldn’t be very professional of them to just present their old projects as new ones, would it?

WordPress is the future, for now

Even though there is strong competition from Joomla and Drupal, WordPress is definitely leading the market in CMS platforms. And with the constant updates and great support, it’s pretty hard to say whether WordPress will get out of fashion. As long as there are programmers that create useful plugins, beautiful themes, and offer their services for improving website security, my guess is that it will be the dominant platform.

However, it’s not impossible for some platform with much better execution to swoop in and take the larger part of the market. In the past, nobody thought that there was going to be anything bigger than MySpace. Then Facebook came and we think that there couldn’t be anything bigger. Makes you ponder, doesn’t it?