Wix is one of the best website builders in the market today. The platform is beginner-friendly, has sleek designs, and boasts the easy drag and drop feature. It allows you to create beautiful personal blogs or professional business websites. This site builder has become incredibly successful and has attracted over 103 million users to date. It has an extensive theme collection and many customization tools. Wix can be tested out for free, for an unlimited amount of time.

Wix Review 2017 - The Main Pros & ConsFirst Impressions

Wix stands out from other drag and drop website builders thanks to its innovative side. It has always been known to add new designs and features. This is a big plus, because no user wants to have an outdated website or use a builder that does not reinvent itself.

The platform makes a real effort to keep up with modern design trends, such as video backgrounds, parallax designs, multiple sections on a page, etc. Wix is ideal for beginners because it allows users to add all these elements to their site without using a line of code. This website maker offers a design flexibility that cannot easily be found in other builder softwares.


This website builder’s most innovative feature must be ADI, which stands for Artificial Design Intelligence. Using this function, you can have your website almost entirely built by the platform itself. Wix ADI automatically makes your site from A to Z and makes it look highly professional. It helps you set up the web design layout, insert your content, and finish up the first draft of your site.

If you have social media pages or another website, you can give that information over to Wix ADI and they will incorporate content from there into your new Wix website. After that first version of your site, you are free to make changes by yourself. You could tweak the color scheme, add or remove content, change the font style, rearrange content, and much more.

Wix Theme OptionsWix Theme Options

Wix offers its users 500 pre-designed themes to choose from. They all have been made with a broad range of niches and industries in mind, which is handy for anyone planning on building their eCommerce with Wix. All templates look professional, sleek, and up-to-date.

The templates include the drag and drop feature, which makes it easy for users who are not tech-savvy to build a website from scratch. You may use their sample-content in order to give you an idea on how to arrange your own content. Or, pick a template with a blank canvas if you prefer to start from square one.

Wix Mobile

After you choose a Wix template, the platform automatically gives you a mobile-optimized version of that template. This is a website builder that does more than just compress your website, they offer a full interface that allows you to make changes to the mobile version. You may want to adapt the background, colors, and make other design changes in the Wix mobile editor.

Wix takes the content from your desktop site and puts it into the mobile site, which allows you to control which content to show or hide on the mobile version. This is quite a unique feature to have in a website builder, the ability to make exclusive edits to the mobile version of your website. An additional feature that Wix has implemented is the possibility to insert a phone number through which your visitors can call you automatically.

Issues with Wix

Users who have opted for the free Wix plan have to be aware that the platform’s ads are incredibly prominent. After you publish your website, their logo ads will be clearly visible on the bottom and side of your website. This will happen with all the free plans of website builders but Wix overdoes it in in our opinion.

Another issue is Wix’s lack of flexibility when it comes to changing themes. If you do wish to switch over to a different template, you will be forced to re-insert all of your content on the new pages.

PricingWix Theme Options review

Wix has 5 different pricing plans and one free plan. Connect Domain is $4.50/month, Combo is $8.50/month, Unlimited is $12.50/month, eCommerce is $16.50/month, and VIP is $24.50/month.

The higher plans will give you more access to more features. Wix takes care of web hosting, which makes you save around $5/month. Your first year using their services will give you access to your free custom domain name with the Combo or higher plans.


Wix is the best drag and drop website builder in the market today. Beginners will have an easy time building their website from scratch without needing code or hiring a professional. Their modern templates, customization options, and intuitive platform are incredibly easy to use. Anybody on a budget can use their free plan and make a professional-looking website from A to Z.