Web.com was founded in 1997 and is a provider of web services for small and medium-sized companies. The company offers its users hosting plans, domain names, and a website builder. You can opt to have one of their experts design a complete website for you, or pick a template and customize it by yourself. 

First Impressionsweb.com review

The website builder of Web.com has over 2,500 pre-designed templates to choose from. These are split into many different categories and subcategories. Clicking on any of them offers you an enlarged view in order to get a rough idea. A handy feature for users is the ability to look for themes by color scheme or keywords. You may switch template anytime you wish, and Web.com even migrates all of your information onto it.

Web.com allows you to make beautiful eCommerces with the help of a software wizard. After choosing a template for your online business, you can easily upload all your content onto your site. You can choose any payment processor, manage orders, add products, send customers marketing messages, create coupon codes, and much more.


There is a great feature for absolute beginners in the area of website building. The company’s Website Coaches offer them support at a low cost in order to make their first website. You visitors or potential customers are guaranteed to have a great experience while visiting your site. First, the Website Coach will guide you through the website maker’s interface and advise you on which template is more appropriate for your website. Secondly, he will explain the process of choosing suitable content and how to edit it. Lastly, he will look over the design and content, plus evaluate your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). After your site gets published online, this Website Coach will offer you additional advice and guide you along the way.

SEO Solution

Web.com provides handy SEO tools for its users, which will aid them to rank higher in search engines. It gives users fully responsive themes to work with, which easily adapt to any mobile device their visitors are viewing their site on. This is ideal for reducing your bounce rate, and the best mobile configuration according to Google.

SEO Solution

You will have an easy time adding meta titles and descriptions, which viewers get to see in the search results. These tags are essential in search engine rankings.

Web.com guarantees unlimited bandwidth and 99.99% uptime. This makes the visitor’s experience reliable and your bounce rate will decrease. Your ratings will soar in search engines, because visitors will be more likely to browse your site for a longer period of time.

For an additional fee, you may receive support from a dedicated SEO expert who will build high-value links for your site and fully optimize your back-end.

Issues with Web.com

Their DIY website builder is not as intuitive as some of its competitor’s builders. It takes you more time and effort than most modern-day website makers would.

There are a lot of templates to choose from, yet a lot of them are variations of the same structure. Unfortunately, you cannot see a demo of each theme but only a slightly enlarged view of them. Also, the software has bugs and the platform’s usability is not up to par with its competition.

PricingIssues with Web.com

The website builder is $1.95 for one month, and then costs $22.95/month. For website and online marketing it is $2.95 for one month, and then costs $32.95/month. Then, for website, marketing and store it is $3.95 for one month, and then costs $42.95/month. Their “We Build It For You” option costs $114.95/month after the first month. Web.com gives a domain name for free the first year, and then charges you $19.95/month afterwards.


Web.com offers a DIY version of their website builder, which is capable of making a rather functional site. Their “We Build It For You” option is highly recommended if you want your website to have all of Web.com’s functionality and features. If you would end up choosing this provider, make sure you let their experts build the website for you. It will save you time, and ultimately make your website look more professional.